4 Best Scrabble Tips for Beginners!

Scrabble is not just an awesome way to enjoy your time but also a great platform to play with words. As you progress through the game of Scrabble, you get to know new words and combinations. While deep thinking always works — as does your familiarity with words — there are a few tips you can use when you are playing a game of Scrabble.

These tips are going to help you not only score better, but also get off the beginner tag. So, if you count yourself as a beginner or intermediate Scrabble player, you can check out the following tips to score better at the game. Shall we check them out?

#1 Keep Your Rack Balanced

To win a game of Scrabble, you need a well-balanced rack. It means that the rack should have a ratio when it comes to the number of vowels and consonants. Just so you know, without vowels, you cannot make many words in the English language. At the same time, there should be a sufficient number of consonants too.

Though the ideal ratio is 4:3 (4 Consonant letters to 3 Vowel letters), you can go ahead and choose your own. Keep in mind, however, that you know a lot of words that are vowel-friendly.

#2 Make Use of Suffixes and Prefixes

Suffixes and Prefixes are two elements you should care about when thinking about making up words in the English language. Simply adding prefixes and suffixes will give you an option to create a new word. In the game of Scrabble, however, this gives you another advantage of getting words of your desired length.

While you can use a bunch of rare prefixes and suffixes, the most common ones would be anti, pre, ish, im, un, etc. If you get a hang of it, it will be wonderful to see how these additions make the game more interesting.

#3 Two-Letter Words Are Gold

This is one sure-tip that can help you score higher on Scrabble. However, this isn’t going to happen if you see the game of Scrabble as something of a time-killer. For this, you need to get used to the words that use only two letters. The reason is this: as you know, scores in Scrabble are also dependent on the letters that you’re using.

As it happens, two-letter words happen to have these high-scoring letters in them. So, if you know a lot of these words, you could be having a better score in no time.

#4 Say BINGO More Often

Instead of trying to score first, you should emphasize on getting a BINGO. As you know, BINGOs are just superb when we consider the score it contains. This actually requires some planning from your side, since you have to use all the tiles for getting a BINGO. For this to happen, you should make use of blank tiles and S in a clever manner. There are also some other ways to score BINGOs more often at Scrabble. You can check them out to score better.

So, just keep an eye on all the tips we have covered, and that’s one way to master at Scrabble. As we said, however, if you are better with words, there is a chance that you can score better. In that case, you will not much tips or tricks. On the other hand, as long as you’re a beginner, make use of these Scrabble tips.

4 Best Scrabble Tips for Beginners!
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